We do not stay aside, so we must oppose the war in all possible ways.

Yaware has terminated all cooperation with companies in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Our team is doing everything possible to help Ukrainian citizens who are in danger: financial assistance, volunteering and assistance to refugees.

All rewards under partnership and client agreements with companies of the aggressor countries will be donated to humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We continue to provide services to Ukraine and our friendly countries around the world, in the mode that is currently possible for our team, and we are trying to provide the best service, even at this time.

Also we are looking for partners in Ukraine, South and North America, Europe and the Middle East to create collaborations, joint activities, support each other and provide value for all who need time management tools and effective teamwork.

We will be glad if you can help Ukraine in any possible way here https://helpua.bank.gov.ua/

Let's take care of each other!
Everything will be Ukraine!

The Yaware team


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